November 9, 2021

Hiring with purpose

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As we embark on a round of hires for the first time in a wee jiffy (come and work with us by the way!), we’ve been reflecting on our recruitment processes and trying to ensure everything is up to scratch.

Unfortunately, swotting up on the latest recruitment best practice is something of a minefield. For a start, contradictory advice is EVERYWHERE.

Hire slow! Hire fast! Hire… at a medium pace?
Hire for cultural fit! Hire for culture add! Hire for talent! Hire for skills!

Also, despite the world of work changing beyond recognition – from the behaviours of potential employees (eg. most millennials want to work for purpose-driven companies) to the meteoric rise of remote working – outdated cliches still abound, and are often passed on as accepted wisdom.

Added together, this can lead to confusion, turning what should be an exciting time for any business (‘new team members and potential growth wooooo!’) into something more daunting (‘hope we don’t f*** this up ahhhhhh!’).

Recruitment is almost certain to gobble up precious resources (time, money) at the best of times, but bad hiring can prove fatal, especially in the startup world. It’s no wonder so many people pass on responsibility for recruitment to a third party altogether.

Luckily for us, we’ve got a pretty cool community of founders and entrepreneurs who are asking the same question as us: what is the right way for values-led organisations to recruit right now?

So, together with our members, we’ve decided to co-create a living guide to purpose-led recruitment, based on the experiences and expertise of the group. It will act as an ever-evolving playbook, eliminating confusion around the subject, offering examples of best practice and helping us all improve our hiring processes.

We’re excited to see how it turns out – and if it’s a success we’re keen to turn our hands to other areas that might be of interest to the community (and ourselves!). Who knows, maybe we’ll end up with a living encyclopedia of purpose-led business.

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